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Polestar Pilates prerequisites prepare you to learn about movement using the Polestar method. Learn how to not only see movement in a new light, but discover why and how our body moves the way it does. These prerequisites prepare you for our trainings.


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  • Gateway Online is a prerequisite to all of our Pilates Immersion (Gateway) trainings. This is a 3-hour introduction to Pilates and Polestar's methodology.
  • Polestar Anatomy is a prerequisite for those who have not taken an Anatomy course prior to participating in our teacher training. We dive into Anatomy with movement in mind. Created by popular demand!
  • Polestar Principles Online is our foundation course. This 10-hour course dives deep into Polestar's six principles and how they apply to movement and Pilates. It is a prerequisite to all teacher trainings.
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Unlike other anatomy courses, Shelly Power and Brent Anderson’s discussion on the practical application of these movement concepts makes this a very user friendly and movement oriented anatomy course. Read more...
Anytime Online Eryn Apanovitch, Brent Anderson, Shelly Power $249.00
This three-hour online training is a requirement for all who attend any of the Pilates Immersion (Gateway) training courses. This online course fortifies the fundamental principles and history of Pilates. Read more...
Anytime Online Brent Anderson $95.00
Experience and apply the theories of movement that lay the foundation for Polestar Pilates in this prerequisite for all other Polestar courses.  Read more...
Anytime Online Brent Anderson $249.00