Pilates Immersion

Polestar Anatomy
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Gateway Pilates Immersion offers the key to creating beneficial movement experiences for fitness and health practitioners.


The Gateway Pilates Immersion program is designed to provide an introductory understanding of Pilates and the Polestar approach that encourages successful, result-driven movement experiences.


As it is derived from science-based body mechanics, Pilates offers the tools to produce efficient exercise in a way that strengthens, rehabilitates and prevents injuries. In this program, selected Pilates Mat and Equipment exercises are taught to provide practical and applicable knowledge of form and sequencing techniques. It serves as a gateway to realizing the complete benefits of accurate exercise.


Beginning with at-home study preparation, the program shifts into experimental labs for well-rounded and collaborative learning. You will experience a variety of movement sequences throughout the courses that can be immediately incorporated into health and fitness programs.

We offer the following programs:

  • Pilates Mat Immersion
  • Pilates Reformer Immersion
  • Pilates Equipment Immersion

We regularly offer the Pilates Immersion program through universities and colleges. If you are a student interested in enrolling, or a university interested in offering the Pilates Immersion program, please contact us.

Select Offering Title Date Location Educator Cost
Pilates Immersion
04/04/20 Grass Valley, CA Roxanna Cohen $495.00