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Collaborate together with the most respected professionals in the industry to keep up with the latest trends and discoveries that are shaping Pilates practices around the world.

  • Learn from the comfort of your own home.
  • Our classes are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Many workshops include NPCP CEUs for National Pilates Certification Program Continuing Education credit.

Online courses include 30 days of unlimited access, unless otherwise noted.

A Breath of Fresh Air (Polestar Life Conference Series)
A Breath of Fresh Air - Pilates Breath in the Past, Present, and Future. The methods of breathing described by Joseph Pilates will be reviewed in relationship to the six perspectives of movement. Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes Read more...
Larry Cahalin $49.00
Achieving Optimal Health (Polestar Europe Conference)
Dr. Brent Anderson presents a new approach to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, based on the principles of Joseph Pilates' method and the exercises that teach you how to embody the method in your life and help your clients and patients. Read more...
Brent Anderson $39.00
Assessment Skills I (Online Lectures)
Note: This is ONLY the 4-hour online course. Advanced Assessment Skills 1: a four-part series with Brent Anderson and Carol Davis. Brent Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, PMA®-CPT: Learn advanced skills in qualitative movement assessment of head, neck, spine and pelvis Carol Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTAP: Patient Practitioner Interaction & the Importance of Intention Read more...
Brent Anderson, Carol Davis $99.00
August 2021 Weekdays-Mat Foundations Online Teacher Training
Gain a deep understanding of the Pilates Matwork and how to assess and teach any client, with an emphasis on group dynamics. This course is fully online with live virtual sessions. Read more...
Alexandra Dalli $1,500.00
Breathing: Nourishment, Healing, Cleansing
Learn about the physiology, anatomy, biomechanics and bioenergetics of breathing. Most importantly learn the way that breath facilitates movement and movement facilitates breath. Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes Read more...
Brent Anderson $49.00
Casos Clinicos en Español (Grand Rounds)
Casos Clinicos con Brent (Grand Rounds)
Brent Anderson $39.99
Changing Our World From Within: Joe's Simple Formula to Health and Happiness
Changing Our World from Within: Joe's Simple Formula to Health and Happiness. Dr. Brent Anderson discusses the commitments to establish happiness within oneself. Duration: 54 minutes Read more...
Brent Anderson $49.00
Energy Medicine with Alexander Bohlander
Energy medicine and Pilates are a natural match since movement comes from an internal source of initiation and strategy and movement affects at the same time this inner power center. Read more...
Alexander Bohlander $149.00
Fascia and Energy Healing (Polestar Europe Conference)
Dr. Carol Davis lectures about the deep connection between Pilates bodywork and the fascial system, both on a structural and an energetic level. Read more...
Carol Davis $29.00
Grand Rounds, Subtle Energy & Pilates: Part 1
Understand the basic tenants of energy medicine in this engaging and entertaining presentation by Complementary Therapies author and physical therapist, Carol Davis. Duration: 46 minutes Read more...
Carol Davis $49.00
Grand Rounds, Subtle Energy & Pilates: Part 2
Understand the basic tenants of energy medicine in this engaging and entertaining presentation by Complementary Therapies author and physical therapist, Carol Davis. Duration: 53 minutes Read more...
Carol Davis $49.00
How Do We Know What We Know? (Polestar Life Conference)
How We Know What We Know? The Worldview Literacy Project. Research is applied to healing practitioners and how said practitioners can make an impact on their clients using intention, attention, repetition, guidance, and surrender. Duration: 56 minutes Read more...
Marilyn Schlitz $49.00
Introduction to Pilates for Rehabilitation
This online lecture will cover a brief history of Joseph Pilates and its evolution to current research in the field of Pilates rehabilitation. Read more...
Brent Anderson $49.00
Introduction to Polestar Pilates for Osteoporosis
Join us for an introductory dynamic and fun lecture on bone physiology and the pathological condition of osteoporosis. Duration: 1 hour, 21 minutes Read more...
Sherri Betz $49.00
Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™ August 2021
Polestar® in partnership with The Pacific Institute® presents: Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™, a transformational mindsetting program, targeted at psychological and physical well-being education and tools to thrive and accelerate positive impact in all dimensions of wellness. Read more...
Katrina Hawley, Karyn Staples $299.00