Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™ August 2021

Polestar Anatomy

FACILITATORS: Katrina Hawley & Karyn Staples

Begins August 5, 2021



Polestar® in partnership with The Pacific Institute® presents: Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™, a transformational mindsetting program, targeted at psychological and physical well-being education and tools to thrive and accelerate positive impact in all dimensions of wellness. Knowing that all well-being first starts with a growth mindset – the foundational belief that we can continue to learn, change and grow – this powerful program provides participants with the skills to take charge of their futures.

Mindsetting for Well-Being and Performance™ applies The Pacific Institute’s proven mindsetting curriculum to the well-being PERMA model to drive growth and positive results in participants personal and professional lives.

Flexible in its implementation, this curriculum consists of seven core units delivered in a blended learning manner with online content and exercises through the Polestar Learning Platform and Facilitator lead videoconference group discussion sessions. In addition to the core program, three online reinforcement segments provide further depth and application of the concepts. Optional wellness modules, for deeper explorations and connections, as well as application, may be added at the conclusion of the program.

All learning and activities within the program are focused on the active application of the cognitive material to those issues that affect individual well-being. This process sets participants’ lives on the path to flourishing and higher levels of performance and happiness.


Week 1 Aug 5, 2021
3-4pm Eastern Time
Week 2 Aug 12, 2021
3-4pm Eastern Time
Week 3 Aug 19, 2021
3-4pm Eastern Time
Week 4 Aug 26, 2021
3-4pm Eastern Time
Week 5 Sep 2, 2021
3-4pm Eastern Time
Week 6 Sep 9, 2021
3-4pm Eastern Time
Week 7 Sep 16, 2020
3-4pm Eastern Time


Unit 1 - Getting Started
  • Participants will explore the power of the mind – that it is not fixed, but able to grow and change
  • The Growth Wheel tool is introduced to illuminate priorities and aspects of the participant’s life
  • Participants will learn about PERMA Model for Well-Being - Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationship, Meaning, Accomplishment
  • In order to flourish, participants need to understand the “why” behind what they do today, and what they want to do tomorrow - the idea of purpose, the need to contribute beyond self for true happiness
Unit 2 - It's All About Beliefs
  • Participants will learn that every action they take, large or small, is based on beliefs about that action. These thoughts come about from experiences, with the added flavoring of the emotions attached to each experience. We call it “the truth.”
  • The “truth” defines everything about us – our self-worth and self-esteem – and where we believe we belong.
  • Participants will discover how they self-regulate behavior at their belief level, not at the level of their potential and people act in accordance with the “truth” – whether it is the real truth or not.
Unit 3 - The Liberators: Habits and Attitudes & Comfort Zones
  • Habits are great labor-saving devices, and the brain loves them. However, if the habit was based on a false premise, then the habit isn’t helping, but hindering.
  • Attitudes are introduced and participants will begin to analyze the emotional component of beliefs.
  • Participants will begin to examine their habits and attitudes and how they create areas of safety – our comfort zones – that keep us from growing.
Unit 4 - Decisions, Decisions
  • Participants will learn that their decisions for today and tomorrow are mostly based on the past. And if that past was incorrect, based on too little information, or influenced by someone who didn’t have our best interests at heart, then we tend to make decisions that are not good for us.
  • Participants will begin to recognize when they are operating on “belief autopilot” and instigate a “pattern interrupt” in order to change direction.
Unit 5 - Words, Pictures and Emotions
  • Self-Talk is that constant conversation we have with ourselves, 24/7/365. Participants will discover that while it may seem automatic, they can exert control over whether it helps or hurts them.
  • Participants will begin to use self-talk to change the pictures they hold, as well as the emotions they attach to those pictures, in order to change their beliefs.
  • To help create the replacement pictures, a simple formula is introduced.
Unit 6 - Preparing the Targets
  • When it comes to our own health and well-being, it helps to create targets toward which we can unleash our potential. One way is to create a Growth Wheel. Ultimately, participants will create a goal for each segment.
  • Additionally, participants will consider the personal pay value they will get out of the change.
Unit 7 - Where the Rubber Meets the Road
  • This unit enlists the participant’s self-talk and their ability to create replacement pictures in their minds, to begin changing beliefs. Participants will create statements that, when repeated, will shift their beliefs, leading them to make more effective decisions about their future well-being and performance.
  • Your future is up to you. Design it, live it to the fullest.

ONLINE REINFORCEMENT SEGMENTS – additional information to concepts already taught in main program
  • Goal-Setting Through – Overcome the natural tendency to lose interest in our goals, as we get closer to their actual achievement. How? Re-set our goals further out, to maintain creativity, energy and drive toward goal accomplishment.
  • Creating Effective Habits – How to create “habit loops” that provide practical paths for successful replacement pictures to take hold in our minds.
  • Empowering Your Self-Talk – As we look at the self-talk statements that we design to change the pictures in our minds, are we utilizing the most effective words to describe the world we are trying to create?

This course is an online course that includes live sessions. 

Price: $299.00