Moving Imagination (Polestar Life Conference)

Polestar Anatomy


Moving Imagination: An Approach to Rhythmic Organization
part of the Polestar Life Conference Series


This course takes a look at the ways rhythm can be incorporated into Pilates practice. Wayburne discusses the concept of elemental rhythym (air, water, earth, fire, ether) and the different occasions to use each type of rhythm. Imagery associated with rhythm is expanded upon in great depth. Movement sessions are used to teach students organization and how the organization and ordering of body movements can be utilized to optimize training.

This course includes 30 days of unlimited online access.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will:

  1. learn the different types of rhythm and the applications for them in Pilates training.
  2. demonstrate knowledge of movement patterns and how these can be timed in rhythm.
  3. understand the implications that training without timing of exercises can have on clients.
  4. apply organization in programming to maximize balance and stabilizing musculature through movement.
Price: $49.00