How Do We Know What We Know? (Polestar Life Conference)

Polestar Anatomy


How We Know What We Know? The Worldview Literacy Project
part of the Polestar Life Conference Series


This course will focus on a variety of research revolving around healing through the powers of the mind. This research is applied to healing practitioners and how said practitioners can make an impact on their clients using intention, attention, repetition, guidance, and surrender. These principles are also integrated into the mind’s concept of change and adaptation to thought processes, and how to positively affect the self-psyche using similar approaches. Research is then used again to show how progress is being made in the ways of monitoring how the body responds to positive intentions from others.

This course includes 30 days of unlimited online access.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will:

  1. recognize the five major ways in which to change the body’s reaction to specific life events through transformative practices.
  2. become familiar with the three different types of interactions that have an effect on worldview.
  3. apply noetic research to interactions with Pilates clients and patients.
  4. discover the implications of thought and intention on individuals even from a distance.
Price: $49.00