The Biology of Perception (Polestar Life Conference Series)

Polestar Anatomy


The Biology of Perception
part of the Polestar Life Conference Series


In this course, the sciences of the parts of brain and body behind perception are discussed. Brief overviews of epi-genetics and response regions of the brain are given, leading to discussions on how the brain adapts to stimuli. Perception is conducted almost solely by the brain, and neuroplasticity can lead to powerful changes in the way things are perceived. Dialogue between client and instructor is addressed as a means to correct thought processes, giving instructors powerful tools of communication to change the lives of their clients on a daily basis!

This course includes 30 days of unlimited online access.

Workshop Objectives

Participants will:

  1. understand the basic anatomy and physiology of the brain that deals with reaction to events.
  2. describe the ways in which the body adapts to the way in which events are perceived.
  3. apply positive, thought changing communication strategies with clients.
  4. draw conclusions about the nature of perception and how it guides us through activities of daily living.
Price: $49.00