ALLEN, TX: Pilates Adaptations for People with Scoliosis Supporting the Teachings of the Schroth Method

Polestar Anatomy

EDUCATOR: Lise Stolze


CEUs: 24 PMA Credits/APTA credits pending
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Pilates for Life (map)
200 S Austin Dr
Allen, TX 75013
(214) 704-3070 (website)


Day 1 Mar 27, 2020 (9am-6:30pm)
Day 2 Mar 28, 2020 (9am-6:30pm)
Day 3 Mar 29, 2020 (8am-4pm)


Certified Pilates and fitness professionals and licensed health care providers.



Idiopathic scoliosis (IS) is a spine deformity resulting in abnormal spine mechanics during movement and exercise. This 3 day course provides guidelines for selecting safe fitness exercises for people with IS and adult degenerative scoliosis. Theory and evidence supporting Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE) including the Schroth Method is presented to inform Pilates Mat exercise recommendations. Dynamic skills labs focus on assessment of the Pilates client. While this course is not a Schroth Method training, it provides the Pilates/Fitness instructor the education and information necessary to collaborate with Schroth therapists and other scoliosis health care professionals for the benefit of the client with scoliosis. Mat Pilates exercises are the focus of this course but prior Pilates experience is not necessary. An apparatus demonstration on day 3 will help the student understand how Mat adaptations can be transferred to Pilates apparatus.

Disclaimer: This course does not provide training in the Schroth Method and consequently does not authorize students to promote themselves as having training in the Schroth Method. This course content is not intended for use by any participants outside the scope of their license or regulation.



  • Describe the pathogenesis/pathomechanism theories of Idiopathic Scoliosis (IS), and Adult degenerative scoliosis.
  • Describe basic history, theory and research behind PSSE and the Schroth Method, a practice limited in scope of practice to physical therapists.
  • Identify basic curve types.
  • Describe overall assessment of the Pilates client with scoliosis to determine best exercise selection.
  • Explain breathing strategies for the client with scoliosis.
  • Identify modifications of Pilates Mat exercises for the client with scoliosis to support safe spinal alignment.
  • Describe how Mat modifications can transfer to Pilates apparatus exercises.
  • Explain scope of practice and how the PSSE/Schroth trained physical therapist and Pilates instructor can collaborate for the benefit of the client with scoliosis.


3 day course
Format: 1:1 Lecture/Labs
Objectives Assessment: Written test and lab demonstration

Objectives Assessment: written test and lab demonstration


Pilates/Fitness Certification OR Health Care License

Course Co-Creators

Lise Stolze, MPT, DSc, NCPT
Schroth-Barcelona Scoliosis Certified
Polestar Pilates Educator

Hagit Berdishevsky, PT, MSPT, DPT
Schroth-Barcelona Scoliosis Certified
Schroth-Barcelona Institute Educator

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