SILER CITY, NC October 2021: Critical Reasoning for Rehabilitation and Post-Rehabilitation

Polestar Anatomy

EDUCATOR: Brent Anderson


This three-day course is designed for skilled Pilates teachers interested in post-rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation professionals who want to learn to better assess and design effective Pilates programs for their clients and patients.

The evolution of the Polestar Principles of Movement, integrated with Porterfield and DeRosa’s Stages of Rehabilitation and the World Health Organizations (WHO) latest classification system, the International Classification of Function (ICF) model, create an easy-to-use framework for assessing and planning Pilates interventions.  This course will emphasize the use of the Polestar Assessment Tool (PAT) combined with the ICF model to design the path in which the patient or client is most likely to accomplish their goals and return to life they desire.


Southwind Retreat Center

300 Southwind Rd

Siler City, NC 27344



Day 1 Oct 14, 2021 (9am-6pm)
Day 2 Oct 15, 2021 (9am-6pm)
Day 3 Oct 16, 2021 (9am-6pm)


Day I
  • Lecture I Critical Reasoning to Optimize the clients’ outcome
  • Lab I The Polestar Assessment Tool Part I
  • Lab II the Polestar Assessment Tool Part II
  • Lab III Live Case Studies in small groups
Day II
  • Lecture II New Principles of Movement
  • Lab IV Problem Solving with Principles of Movement
  • Lecture III Stages of Rehabilitation
  • Lab V Identifying the proper stages of rehabilitation.
  • Movement Lab I Mobilization Repertoire
  • Movement Lab II Mobilization Repertoire
  • Lecture VI Evolution from NAGI model to ICF model
  • Lecture VII Designing Treatment utilizing POM, Stages of Rehab and ICF
  • Lab VI Design your Intervention
  • Lab VII Defend your Design
  • Competency Case Study Design


  • Understand and use the Polestar Principles of Movement to diagnose or identify movement limitations within the participants scope of practice.
  • Utilize a critical reasoning model within the Polestar Principles of Movement to identify and prioritize treatment design.
  • Become proficient with using the Polestar Assessment Tool to identify movement limitations.
  • Become familiar with staging rehabilitation and prognosing outcomes through the Polestar Critical Reasoning model.
  • Learn about and use the ICF model to understand the many factors that influence our patient’s life and wellbeing and understand that often a multidisciplinary team is needed to fully meet their needs.
  • Design optimal Pilates interventions using the Polestar Critical Reasoning model.  Create clear outcome measures that can help determine the efficacy of the treatment intervention.  Be able to revisit the critical reasoning model and rework the treatment/exercise plan when the outcome is lacking.
  • Learn how to include the patient into the assessment and intervention process and create outcomes so the patient understands their role in their own health.
  • Be able to incorporate wellness and health promotion into sessions using the lifestyle essentials taught within the Pilates philosophy of health and wellbeing.
Price: $900.00