RUNITY: Painless Runner Course

Polestar Anatomy


Painless Running is designed to improve access to the human right to move. Humans are designed to run; it is one of our primary modes of locomotion. Unfortunately, the sedentary world we live in today removes some of our basic abilities to run that can result in running related injuries, or should we say sedentary related injuries, while we run. This course is designed to instruct the movement coach on the essential research and knowledge required to help humans run better and minimize risk of injury. Led by Dr. Brent Anderson, physical therapist and movement scientist and his colleagues Juan Nieto PT, NCPT and Blas Chamarro PT from Spain, this course will provide participants with exercises to prescribe and techniques to teach your clients to minimize their imbalances and strengthen their body’s natural design to run. Let Runity move you!


Available Now! This is a self-paced course. You will:

  • Have an increased knowledge of the science of human running
  • Understand basic biomechanics and motor science associated with human running
  • Understand imbalances of the human body due to sedentary lifestyles
  • Understand the difference between walking, jogging, and running (which one is not natural)
  • Become familiar with running mechanics like foot strike, cadence, and reciprocal spinal motion
  • Identify the risks of injuries when basic running mechanics are neglected
  • Be able to prescribe exercises to clients to improve running and minimize risk of injury related to running.
  • Have a greater appreciation of running as a human right

This course includes 30 days of unlimited online access.

Price: $299.00