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Polestar Anatomy
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Continuing Education
Designed for skilled Pilates teachers interested in post-rehabilitation as well as rehabilitation professionals who want to learn to better assess and design effective Pilates programs for their clients and patients. Read more...
10/14/21 Siler City, NC Brent Anderson $900.00
Test your Pilates knowledge in this fun and challenging quiz that covers Pilates history, Pilates exercises and Pilates pedagogy. Read more...
Quiz $0.00
Online Lecture
The Biology of Perception. Participants will describe the ways in which the body adapts to how events are perceived and apply positive, thought changing communication strategies with clients. Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes Read more...
Anytime Online Sharon Kolkka $49.00
Online Workshop
After over 20 years of research and assessing clients through Polestar, Brent Anderson has discovered 3 areas that solve 80% of the issues most individuals are complaining about. Read more...
Anytime Online Brent Anderson $49.00
Online Lecture
Alexander Bohlander, author of “Pilates- A Teacher's Manual” opens up in his presentation “The End of Pilates Training” the question of where the Pilates industry, the schools and the movement is heading to. Read more...
Anytime Online Alexander Bohlander $29.00
Online Workshop
The Miraculous Discoveries of Fascia and Movement: A Profound Look at the Extracellular Matrix. When fascial restrictions occur, messages cannot be relayed through the body, and action must be taken to alleviate blockages. Duration: 2 hours, 33 minutes Read more...
Anytime Online Carol Davis $69.00
Online Workshop
Polestar Educator Juan Nieto demystifies the role of the abdominal muscles, facial connections and spinal structures. Touching on subjects such as motor control, feedback mechanisms and core control, Juan highlights what the abdominals are designed to do and how they function during different activities. Read more...
Anytime Online Juan Nieto $30.00
Online Workshop
Dashi Chu Kocica presents her practical and fascinating approach to connect the body and the mind with Qi Gong practice to enhance the Pilates teacher. Duration: 52 minutes Read more...
Anytime Online Dashi Chu Kocica $29.00
Online Workshop
Work Smarter Not Harder: How Hard Should Pilates Really Be? Discover the most efficient ways to teach the underlying fundamentals of the mat exercises and understand the goals and underlying principles of each movement. Duration: 2 hours, 41 minutes  Read more...
Anytime Online Shelly Power $69.00