December 2020 : Online Pilates Mat Level 1 Teacher Training (Sat 3-5pm/Sun1-3pm)

Polestar Anatomy

EDUCATOR: Nichole Anderson, NCPT



Polestar Learning Platform Online & Zoom


Week 1

Dec 5, 2020 : 3-5pm ET

Dec 6, 2020 : 1-3pm ET

Week 2

Dec 12, 2020 : 3-5pm ET

Dec 13, 2020 : 1-3pm ET

Week 3

Dec 19, 2020 : 3-5pm ET


People who want to gain a deep understanding of the Pilates Matwork and how to assess and teach any client, with an emphasis on group dynamics.


Access to online support materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and manual


Polestar Pilates will teach you the Pre-Pilates and Level 1 Pilates Mat Exercises.

It will incorporate the six basic Polestar Pilates Principles into the learning process to provide a clear understanding of the underlying fundamentals of each mat exercise.  You will be able to identify the most common precautions and contraindications for each Pilates mat exercise.  You will be able to modify mat exercises based upon students needs utilising varied lever length, range of motion, base of support, tempo and props.

This course covers the Polestar Fitness Screening which allows students to utilize findings for future program design.

Fitness Screenings will be reviewed and students will design class plans based on different case studies.

The 5 virtual sessions integrate the online learning content into a practical environment.


  • Polestar Principles of Movement
  • Polestar Anatomy Online
Price: $750.00