Introduction to Polestar Pilates for Osteoporosis

Polestar Anatomy


Join us for an introductory dynamic and fun lecture on bone physiology and the pathological condition of osteoporosis. Easily identify osteoporosis or those at risk for fracture using a very simple 4-step screening. Learn the most important concepts from Polestar Pilates, contraindicated exercises and the best Pilates exercises for bone health for adults and older adults. Get the latest research on bone building exercise and fracture prevention!

This course includes 30 days of unlimited online access.

Learning Outcomes

  1. How bones function.
  2. Bone-safe Pilates Principles and Priorities
  3. Bone Health Benefits of Pilates
  4. Bone Health Strengthening Tips
  5. To interpret a T-score and Bone Density Study
  6. Precautions and contraindications for fracture prevention
  7. Latest research on best (and worst) exercises for bone health
Price: $49.00