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Online Workshop
The Miraculous Discoveries of Fascia and Movement: A Profound Look at the Extracellular Matrix. When fascial restrictions occur, messages cannot be relayed through the body, and action must be taken to alleviate blockages. Duration: 2 hours, 33 minutes Read more...
Anytime Online Carol Davis $69.00
Online Workshop
Polestar Educator Juan Nieto demystifies the role of the abdominal muscles, facial connections and spinal structures. Touching on subjects such as motor control, feedback mechanisms and core control, Juan highlights what the abdominals are designed to do and how they function during different activities. Read more...
Anytime Online Juan Nieto $30.00
Online Workshop
Dashi Chu Kocica presents her practical and fascinating approach to connect the body and the mind with Qi Gong practice to enhance the Pilates teacher. Duration: 52 minutes Read more...
Anytime Online Dashi Chu Kocica $29.00
Online Workshop
Work Smarter Not Harder: How Hard Should Pilates Really Be? Discover the most efficient ways to teach the underlying fundamentals of the mat exercises and understand the goals and underlying principles of each movement. Duration: 2 hours, 41 minutes  Read more...
Anytime Online Shelly Power $69.00